The Gift That Keeps on Giving: The Ongoing Open Records Law Suit

Y’all may be surprised that the City is still fighting to keep our elected officials personal emails secret, even if those emails are public record, according to an opinion from the Texas Attorney General.

Y’all probably thought we had that all settled when the Big O took office as mayor, and promised to not waste any more money keeping public records from the public.

But where are those depositions we’ve been waiting for?

Here’s what I think: They City is afraid that they’ll open themselves up to a lawsuit if the truth comes out. They can’t be worried about their reputations. It’s too late for that. Are they doing the calculus for future elections, weighing the likelihoods for various future elected officials? Are they looking at the upcoming County elections?

You’ve got to think they’re a little concerned about a Wrongful Death lawsuit coming out of the incident where a police officer shot a prisoner in handcuffs. Governments and their agencies are especially concerned about lawsuits these days. That’s why they sometimes let their minions get away with murder.

I know my reasoning is a little thin here, but the facts are scarce. It’s like I’m trying to build a two-legged table.

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