1. I’m glad a council rep (Noe) finally asked about how much all this consultation and reconsidering has and will cost. Don’t worry, Duranguito won’t be torn down (maybe dug up by archaeologists, we hear now). All the vote did was take the arena discussion back to the drawing board. At least the discussion is now public. When Council voted in October, there had been no public vetting. Their minds were made up. Now Limon and Tolbert are crying “deception! — help us, we didn’t know there was so much history in Duranguito.” Limon and Tolbert are trying to blame their stupidity on the City Manager. It’s all a bit comic at this point. Believe me, the City will put the stupid arena on top of the convention center before they will bring up Duranguito again. They are afraid of the Duran-grito!

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