Oops, again.

The Pope is coming to Juarez to highlight his message about immigration?

What a great opportunity to talk up El Paso’s history as the Ellis Island of the Southwest! We should be able to parlay that into some national, even international, press. I mean, the City is spending a lot of money on security. The least we could do is to maximize the Public Relations benefit.

What’s that? We blew that opportunity, also?

I can’t even muster any outrage at the incompetence of the City anymore. I’m sure that they’re doing their best.

I guess that’s the scary part.

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  1. No, they are NOT doing their best. They don’t even try. This whole thing was such a mess. If the Border Highway was closed, and todo el Segundo Barrio, who the hell were those people standing on our side of the fence, looking into Mexico, and how the hell did they get there?

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