Old Schooled

Election night, as I drove back to El Paso through the navy blue of the High Desert with stars from horizon to horizon, I listened to a.m. radio stations in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Utah discuss early election numbers. It appeared Hillary had it in the bag and conservative co-hosts were taking a ribbing from their liberal colleagues. By the time I got home the tables had turned and I had to laugh (I will also laugh seconds before I am hit by a meteor, thinking “I didn’t see that coming!”).

The next morning I woke to find I was the most reviled man in America. Well, actually, the guy who lets his dog poop in my yard is the most reviled, and mostly just by me. But I was the second most reviled man in America. And I must make amends so: My name is Greg and I am a non-college educated white male who voted third party. In all honesty, though, I did spend some Saturdays observing classes at Wotsamotta U. with Bullwinkle. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a horrible person. I read it on Facebook so it must be true.

Oh, that reminds me, I think some of those college educated people missed class when their professors were explaining the definition of Bigot. I’ll just sing a Dione Warwick song while they look it up. “What the world needs now, Is love, Sweet love, It’s the only thing, That there’s just…too little of, No, not just for some but for everyoooonnne!” Whew, I was feeling it!

And although it is wrong to stereotype all Muslims as extremists, the same consideration is not afforded Trump supporters. You know, a couple of folks probably missed the explanation on Hypocrisy. I’ll sing Husker Du’s “Obnoxious” while they look it up. “You don’t like the way we look, Obnoxious, You don’t like the way we talk, Obnoxious, You can all go get fu”Oh, you’re back.

I have learned, now, that I should have excused Hillary’s indiscretions and just voted for a corrupt party and candidate because, in everyone else’s mind, that’s the right thing to do. Oh, was anyone there when the professor discussed Complicit? Go ahead, I’ll sing Germ’s “Lexicon Devil.” “Let’s give this established joke a shove, We’re gonna wreak havoc on this rancid mill, I’m searchin’ for something even if I’m killed.”

There’s a lot of lashing out and ‘Unfriending,’ but little self awareness. Introspection. I’ll sing some MJ “If you want to make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself and make a change Ooooohooooo.”

And, finally, people are expecting a lot of great angry punk songs to be written. There may be, but they might not like who some of them are written about.

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