Not Too Bad If You’ve Got Low Standards

My City Rep posted this link on her Facepage.

When it comes to walkable cities, Texas tends to get a failing grade. It’s well-deserved: compared with cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia, we don’t offer walkers much. It’s not strictly a coastal thing either—Chicago, St. Louis, and Minneapolis fare much better than we do too. And, a project of real estate website RedFin, puts a number value on how walkable a city is or isn’t.

Their top ten list is only mildly interesting if you’re a Texan—none of our cities are on it—and, indeed, you have to go all the way to #42 on the national list to find your first Texas city. But if you zoom in on the list to include only Texas, you’ll find Houston in the top spot, followed closely by Laredo and Dallas, with Irving not far behind. No Texas city has a “walkability index” score higher than 45 (New York scores highest, at 87.6). . . .

. . .

El Paso — Walk Score : 39

El Paso is the 30th most walkable large city in the US with 649,121 residents.

The most walkable El Paso neighbourhoods are Chihuahuita, Union Plaza and South Central.

El Paso is less walkable than Houston, Laredo, Dallas, and Irving.

But hey, It’s All Good.

Maybe we should change our slogan to If You Don’t Expect Too Much You Won’t Be Very Disappointed.


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