It’s Good to Get Out

Last night I had to the opportunity to talk to some people I hadn’t met before.

I handed them some El Chuqueño bookmarks, and they asked me what the website was about.

Don’t get me started, right?

In the ensuing conversation, I mentioned that we’re still paying for the ballpark out of the general fund.

“I thought the HOT was supposed to pay for the ballpark,” Bob said.

Well, it’s not working out like that, I told him.

(I lifted this image from this post on El Paso Speak for this post.)

They seemed surprised.

Now, these were educated people. Critical thinkers. One of them was a scientist. Yet they lacked the information they needed to make decisions.

I’m thinking they must rely on the El Paso Times. As a result, they’re ignorant.

Our English language daily isn’t too interested in embarrassing the City. The City of El Paso is one of their biggest classified advertisers.

I don’t think you should rely on the blogs as your primary news source. But you could do worse.

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