Is El Paso Dying?

I went by the liquor mega-store this week and there were four cars in the parking lot. Inside there were a couple of customers and a couple of clerks. The deli was closed.

About a week ago I was walking home from Juarez and the streets of downtown were empty. I mean not completely empty, but traffic was light. Very light. It felt like one of those post-apocalyptic science fiction flicks. Like Omega Man, or I am Legend, but without the vampires.

It’s hot. So maybe everyone stays home. Maybe they’ve gone to their house in La Jolla, or Vail, or Puerto Peñasco, or Ruidoso.

Are they coming back?

Would you?

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  1. Depending on the time of day, I am used to seeing deserted streets and businesses around town. However, I do think it has as much to do with the heat as anything else. We have become accustomed to doing most of our errands in the early morning, and we don’t stray during the day. As for Spec’s (my nearest liquor emporium), I never see it very busy, and I am constantly having to beg them to stock my brand of beer.

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