Boeing closing local plant, sending jobs to Huntsville

Did you see this story in the El Paso Times?

Boeing, an important part of El Paso’s defense industry for years, plans to close its El Paso factory, with 300 employees, within the next four years as part of a corporate facilities consolidation, the company announced Tuesday.

Some of the El Paso jobs will be sent to Huntsville, Ala., where Boeing operates two facilities with 2,750 employees, said Meghan McCormick, a Boeing spokeswoman based in Virginia. She was in El Paso Tuesday to help with the closure announcement.

In other news, the Huntsville Stars, the AA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, relocated to Biloxi, Mississippi, in November, 2014. We don’t know if Boeing management was aware of the move when they made the decision to close the El Paso plant and send the employees to Huntsville.

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