Will Tommy G Self-Quarantine?

Did you see the new directives for dealing with COVID-19?

Especially this one?

Except for Healthcare Operations in Section 5(c), individuals having traveled 100 miles or more outside the City must upon return to El Paso self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.

Doesn’t City Manager Tommy Gonzalez live in Abernathy, Texas? That’s 365 miles via US 180, according to Google Maps. A little bit less if he charters a plane, but still more than 100 miles.

If he holes up in his vacation house in West El Paso for two weeks after every visit to the fam, how’s he going to run the city into bankruptcy?

Will his Deputy City Managers do it for him? After all, isn’t that what they’re paid for?

I’m not trying to pick on poor TommyG, but I didn’t read an exemption for City Managers.


  1. Is our city any different now that we have a city manager and assistants besides higher property taxes.
    Get rid of this position!!!!!!

  2. A taxpayer’s nightmare!! We continue to support his wealth why we struggle. ENOUGH,, BE GONE!

  3. How about his trip to New Orleans? Mr. Gonzalez traveled to New Orleans after the City issued a travel restriction for City employees. The rules do not apply to him. Gonzalez claimed he quarantined himself. How sure are we that he is not contagious? Good luck City Hall staff.

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