Who are you voting against?

It kills me that there are enthusiastic supporters of the two major presidential candidates. The candidates don’t even talk about why they’re better, except that the other candidate is worse.

I was thinking that I would wait until the polls close in the rest of Texas before I cast my ballot, to see if my vote mattered, but I think I’m booked from 6 to 7 tomorrow, and holding back seems so callow.

I still don’t know who will get my vote for president. I might undervote, or make the grand gesture of voting for a third party candidate, confident that whichever third party candidate I vote for will never take office.

I wish I’d done more to avert the catastrophic circumstance we find ourselves in. But, short of murder or treason, I don’t know what more I could have done.


  1. Please do not withhold your vote, whatever you do. I can only speak for myself, and point out that Hillary is – by far – much the least of two evils. Frankly, I do not even think that she is an evil. I think she has been much misaligned by thirty years of right wing lies and propaganda, and I am well aware that she is just a politician. As for waiting for the rest of Texas to vote first, you know that El Paso’s votes never make a bit of difference state wide, for any office. We always go Blue while the rest of Texas goes Red.

  2. Yeah, don’t vote. Stop being a dick about apathy, and call it what it is. Laziness. We’re old enough to know better. I’ve abstained before, but hope I’ll never do it again. C’mon Rich… get real.

    1. Not laziness. Not apathy. I’ll go down to the fire station, and vote the other races. But it’s hard to support either of the major candidates. I urge you to vote your conscience. And to vote No on the EPISD bond.

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