Wake Me When I’m Dead

The Rubin Center, the art gallery on the UTEP campus, is hosting an event this Thursday (tomorrow) from 6 to 8 p.m. where they’ll give away tequila.

The Rubin Center is one of the most progressive galleries in El Paso. The gallery regularly feature artists and their work from all over the world, as well as displays by UTEP’s art professors and students.

And the food is usually exceptional, as well.

One time I went to a show there that opened just as a class was getting out of one of the classrooms there. The students filed by the food table as they left, and each of them picked up an hors d’oeuvres. The effect was like a march of army ants. By the time the classroom was empty, the table had been picked clean.

This special event features a talk with Luis Safa, Jim Ward and Javier Sanchez, and a tequila flight for all (presumably 21 and over) guests.

You can purchase your tickets at the Rubin Center, or online, here.


    1. Yeah, and only a flight, which I reckon means one blanco, one reposado, and one añejo. It’s not economical if you’re going for the tequila.

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