Unbiased Reporting?

Do you think you can get the truth from the El Paso Times?

Look at this column from Ramon Bracamontes on the occasion of his retirement from the position of News director of El Paso’s English language daily:

[I]n El Paso I got to meet five people who have done more for my home than anyone should have. With the help from others, they’ve re-shaped the future of El Paso for the better.

. . .

Woody Hunt and Paul Foster. These two men are the most unselfish individuals to ever walk this city. They are too good for El Paso. They’ve have improved the quality of life in this city by funding the right institutions and rebuilding Downtown.

It’s about time this city honors them. The Hunt-Foster Downtown Multi-Purpose Center has a nice ring to it.

Woody Hunt and Paul Foster have done great things for El Paso. Mr. Foster funded the medical school, and Mr. and Mrs. Hunt funded the UTEP Nursing School, as well as the FEMAP nursing school in Juarez. They’ve contributed more to El Paso than I can list in this column, because the internet doesn’t have enough room in it.

But still.

Such fawning hero worship doesn’t allow for any critical comment. And there’s room for criticism.

Not that you’d know that from the El Paso Times.


  1. So what is your point?
    If its that the EPT employed a guy who is now retired and you interpret his comments (comments that I might remind you are shared by the majority of El Pasoans) as an indication of some type of bias or favoritism?


    Seems to me its YOU that has the bias and the inability to keep your personal opinions out of what you write here. Whats your agenda with this blog?

    1. My point is that people can’t make informed decisions unless they’re informed, and El Pasoans are poorly informed by the El Paso Times because the El Paso Times is too chummy with the people they’re reporting on.

      1. Yeah, how dare you share your own personal opinions on your own personal blog!?! And Rob is also correct that most El Pasoans (average El Pasoan l.Q. = 27.19) believes that things are really great! Now l’ll be more serious. Years ago when paying a fortune for all of this crap was constantly hitting the 915 blogasphere , l literally probably did the most e-bitching about what a waste of $ this would turn out to be. Of course l was right but the one thing that l never did was bitch about Foster-Hunt. They’re just business guys and NOT lawmakers. My belief is, is that l will always blame the government first and foremost because they have THE decision(s) to make.

        1. I don’t really blame the billionaires for buying influencing our elected officials. I blame our elected officials for being bought influenced. But the newspaper is supposed to inform us, and they’re failing.

          Well, I guess they’re not failing, because they don’t try.

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