Twice the Fools

I want to apologize to my children.

Actually, on behalf of every American who’s voted in the last 100 years, I want to apologize to everyone’s children.

I’m sorry for allowing two political parties to become so powerful that they believe they are entitled to rule us. And, apparently, we believe it, too.

Politicians demand to be called by their politically appointed title; Senator, Congresswoman, and forget their most important title is Public Servant.

I’m sorry we are no longer governed by the consent of the people, but, rather, consent to be governed by whoever or whatever the parties decide. So, having to vote for the lesser of evils, I voted for Satan.

I’m sorry Phil Collins was ever a thing. I’m sorry we didn’t buy you a ‘Vette for your first car but, hey, you kids are money pits. I’m sorry we didn’t eat pizza, snickers and vodka for every meal and you didn’t get a pony for every birthday. That we live in El Paso instead of Schenectady. That we didn’t buy you a flight into space. That dogs don’t speak English. That we can’t speak dog. I’m sorry I was in Rhythm Pigs instead of Nirvana. PSYCHE!! HA!

What? These things are trivial BS, just love one another. BTW, I’m not sorry at all. Well, except for that first thing. And Phil Collins.

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