The Men Behind the Curtain

You have no doubt seen this news story press release. Via KRWG:

Commentary: El Paso, TX – MountainStar Sports Group announced today it will help fund an advertising campaign in support of the City of El Paso’s efforts to build a downtown multipurpose facility that can host a variety of entertainment, including sporting events. The campaign is scheduled to begin September 3.

The ad campaign is geared to generate support for the City’s efforts to get the arena built, and to encourage 2012 Bond voters to make sure their original vote in favor of a downtown, multipurpose arena is honored. The ad effort was initiated by MountainStar because a small group of activists has tried to stop the arena from being built, and MountainStar says it’s time for El Pasoans to speak up against the delays and expense and finally get what they voted for – a multipurpose entertainment facility.

“When we learned the funding of a legal strategy for a small group who oppose the arena was coming from outside El Paso, we felt it was time for El Paso’s residents and taxpayers to speak up. We want to help El Pasoans do that, and give them a voice in this matter,” said Josh Hunt, CEO of MountainStar Sports Group. Hunt said the delays and legal tactics by the opposition are costing taxpayers. “We know that the longer construction is delayed, the more it will cost. We want to see the City proceed to get the facility built, and we believe voters knew what they wanted when they voted for the proposition.”

I guess the Mayor and City Council got tired of carrying MountainStar’s water. Maybe our elected officials realized that backing the arena would lose them votes in any future election.

How about this part: “The ad effort was initiated by MountainStar because a small group of activists has tried to stop the arena from being built. . . .”

Actually there aren’t a lot of people trying to stop the arena from being built. Maybe it’s just me. Most of the arena opponents are only against the arena being built in the proposed location. They’re trying to preserve our architectural patrimony, and protect the dwindling number of residents who don’t want to leave.

And that “small group of activists” includes our State Senator and the County Commissioner who represents the affected precinct. And probably the 2,500 people who signed the petition to preserve the historical buildings.

Now I’m thinking that the real reason for the arena is because those fat cats don’t want to sit with the riff raff common man to watch a basketball game. What’s the point of being a billionaire if you can’t watch a basketball game or a Justin Bieber concert from a luxury suite?

At least now we know who’s pulling the strings.


  1. I don’t think it’s a class status decision, it’s a business decision. Who would enjoy a suite with all the whistles to watch a game.

    Anyway, let’s place blame where it belongs. The 20-30% that usually vote and decide for the city. And the nonvoters ! El Paso is known for the gullibility of its citizens. Then we have the drones, political straphangers and the officials that like the hidden benefits under the documents to be signed.

    That’s where the blame belongs not Josh Hunt, he’s a business man period.

    For all the so called progress that is claimed, we are still a backward city. Remember the westerns where there is a cattle baron that owns the town, mayor and sheriff. When someone voices an opposing opinion he brings in his hired guns(local EP officials and media). Is “modern” (cough) El Paso any different ?

    What we need is strong Clint Eastwood or an Annie Oakley types of officials to organize and fight the barons to retake the county. And get rid of their hired guns. This movie is old and needs new characters. We know the characters in advance and the plot never changes.

    As I stated don’t blame Josh, blame yourself.

    1. Sorry, but those of us who are working hard to prevent this folly – and have actually put our own money up to help the effort – are not ready to “blame ourselves.”

  2. Josh Hunt has been planning this for a long time. I overheard him in October 2014, in the restaurant of the Camino Real Hotel, planning with some guys in suits the razing of the Duranguito area to erect a stadium. It was coffee, eggs and hubris over easy — ruined my appetite but I felt good, witnessing from a nearby table. Here’s what I posted right after it happened:

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