The Gift That Keeps on Giving

According to this story in the El Paso Times, County Commissioner David Stout has nominated former City of El Paso Chief Financial Officer Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria to the University Medical Center Board of Managers.

Really, Commissioner Stout?

Ms. Arrieta-Candelaria was CFO when the City decided to delay the sale of bonds to fund the ballpark, resulting in the loss of $22 million.

Now I realize that $22 million is small potatoes to the County Commissioners Court. They wish they lost $22 million, instead of the $600 million they lost on the Children’s Hospital. Hell, losing $22 million is a good day for the Commissioners Court.

But I think, before we give Ms. Arrieta-Candelaria any more public appointments, she’s got some ‘splaining to do.


  1. To be perfectly fair, as County Judge Veronica Escobar pointed out to me on Facebook, former City Manager Joyce Wilson has said the decision to delay the sale of the bonds was hers, and not Ms. Arrieta-Candelaria’s. And if you can’t trust Ms. Wilson, who can you trust?

  2. Positions where questions are left unanswered, such as School district finance officer and board manager, city finance officer , and now a dubious appointment to Valenti’s piggy bank—what exactly is Commissioner David Stout thinking? Perhaps as a representative, he can allow us the courtesy of personally engaging in dialogue, with the expectation that our reservations are considered at the appointment session. Perhaps they may delay it, while the Commissioner gathers other more altruistic candidates from our community.

  3. I worked with Carmen and found her to be a very competent person. I doubt that she would have recommended a change of this sort…probably would have firmly recommended against it.

    1. People say she’s the nicest person. I’ve never met her. Unfortunately, the shenanigans of the past have never been resolved, let alone addressed. Mayor Leeser did El Paso a disservice by not addressing the issues when he took office. Now everyone involved is under a cloud.

      The truth would probably separate the innocent from the guilty. But the City opted to hide the truth when they fought the email lawsuit.

      I’m sorry if Ms. Arrieta-Candelaria is being unfairly persecuted. Maybe she should have spoken up to let the people know what happened. Maybe it’s not too late.

  4. This is really wonderful stuff your writing about amigos. You should submit your reports to AP , NBC news, CBS news, etc. $600 million is worth national attention and your publication is the one to do the reporting.

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