The Easiest Thing To Do Is Not Care

City Council has shown a complete disregard for what many members of the community care about. They’ve made their decisions based on what benefits their friends.

They ignore us. They taunt us. The refuse to engage in meaningful dialogue.

The mayor dismissed Dr. Rick Bonart from the City Plan Commission because of Dr. Bonart’s support of the petition to save lost dog. Former County Judge Veronica Escobar refused to reappoint Dr. Max Grossman and Mr. Bernie Sargent to the County Historical Commission because they opposed locating the arena in Duranguito.

In one of his first moves after being elected, Mayor Dee Margo drastically limited the amount of time that City Council would listen to members of the community.

It’s frustrating.

The easiest thing to do is not care. Pop the top on another beer, watch teevee, and pay the property tax increases that City Council is feeding us.

That’s the easy thing to do.

Or we can fight back. We can show up to City Council meetings and tell them what we think. How we feel.

We can vote. We can get our neighbors to vote. We can let our neighbors know that they don’t have to sit by in silence. We can let them know that they have a choice.

We can take our city back.

It might not be easy. It might not be quick. We didn’t start drowning in this cesspool overnight, and we’re not going to crawl out of it in one election.

But one election is a start.


  1. Is it possible to drink beer AND fight back at the same? I’m asking for a friend.

  2. I’ve been so frustrated trying to speak to City Council at their sessions that I’ve given up. When they don’t even pay attention while you talk, when they deep 6 handouts right in front of you, when they insult speakers, it’s time for drastic measures. I’m through being nice to that bunch of asses sitting on that dais. You know who’d get my vote for mayor? The person who says he’s going to do away with the raised platform they sit on and put folding tables and chairs for city council. Make them as uncomfortable as possible. I’m 70, don’t need to go there just to hold my tongue and keep from telling them what I think of the rats.

  3. I have no love for city council, but good grief, the looooooong meetings under the former mayor were unbearable so I was glad when Margo cut the time. The public in most cases has nothing beneficial to say … their comments are mainly repititious and usuallly not feasible. Yes, the public should be heard. I just wish the speakers were more informed and consice. I know, I know…some people are prepared and informative but the majority are not.

    1. Democracy is messy and boring and tedious. But I think we have to live with that.

  4. I think it speaks volumes that the public comment portion of city council meetings is relegated to the back end.

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