1. How did I miss this one?: Bill Nagy (director of the mid-60s series Secret Agent), and the villain Rod Steiger? Great closeups of the faces. Comparable to 1957 Touch of Evil, but never as well known. (Sad part: What will happen to Dolores at the end?) 🙁

    Thank you, Rich!

  2. While Greene understood cross-border towns in the 1930s, (I think, as much as a Brit might), the screenwriters took many liberties with the short story– filmed in England’s Pinewood Studios. I just read Greene’s really short ‘short story:’ no switching identities and no moralizing about how no one in Catrina (!) would even take the scumbag’s money because of his association with the death of the US political assassin’s welcomed deed (getting rid of the despised governor) (assassin played by Nagy, director), leaving a widow and baby behind. However, the dog (Rover, in the story) is a central part of both the film and story!

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