Sniffer Dogs Get It Wrong. A Lot. Part II

This story tells about a suit filed in state court in Nevada, that claims that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police is a racketeering organization.

The reliability of drug dogs and their handlers is at the heart of a lawsuit filed in state district court by two Nevada Highway Patrol K-9 troopers and a consultant, who claim that the Metropolitan Police Department’s police dogs, and eventually NHP’s own dogs, were “trick ponies” that responded to their handlers’ cues, and therefore routinely violated citizens’ rights to lawful search under the Fourth Amendment.

Police dogs in a test with no drugs or explosives present delivered false positives 85 percent of the time. The suit claims that police dogs are nothing but a prop used to allow illegal searches.

(Read more at Las Vegas Review Journal.)


  1. That sniffer dog findings constitute junk science has been known and publicized since 2009, including by the national press like Time and CNN. Texas is sniffer-dog-junk-science central: see e.g. this report:

    Someone at the snooze press in El Paso is bound to get on this soon, now that the Lovington, NM lady is suing Tracy Yellen and friends at the hospital. Whoever that reporter is, there won’t be much work to do but it’ll still be cool press. They’ll get to talk about Hans the horse — and show pix of canines, always a favorite right after cats. Hope to read the article in a bit!

  2. El Paso snoozer media, here’s another doggie story your audience will love. Take a little walk past your desk. Pass El Paso and 7th Sts, past the big, low-slung ICE building. Be quiet as you pass and take a breath. You’ll experience tortured dog stink and tortured dog bark, a cacaphony of noise and filth-smell. I guess it’s the ICE- and Customs-dog kennel, and judging from the high-pitched barking and malodor, it can’t be up to humane society par. Isn’t there a TV show where ASPCA cops come in and bust animal abusers? Should the feds get a ticket — or at least some press? I don’t know ’cause it was just another story my old snoozepaper didn’t give me a chance to do. But hopefully, someone else will.

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