Renonsense Man

A friend recently referred to another friend as the common term for a polymath and I thought, yeah…nah. Actually, I don’t even know what that word means, I just made it up. But I may be a variation of that, a polymirth; funny many different ways, like walk funny, talk funny, look funny, smell funny. More likely I’m the opposite, a polydiot.

I’m lucky that’s one of the things Mary finds endearing. Or maybe she said that’s one of the things she’s enduring. Sometimes I don’t listen, which is another thing she’s enduring, but I did hear her say I write about myself a lot. Well, hello, I’m the one subject I AM an expert on. Not that being ignorant in a subject has ever stopped me from expounding on it.

I once went to the San Diego Airshow with Jimmy Ivey and his dad. Jimmy was president of the Texas A&M Aeronautical Somethingorother and was on the VIP All Access list.

We went to the VIP tent registration table and after Jimmy identified himself as The Grand Poobah and received his pass, I walked up and said “I’m Greg Adams, Vice-Grand Poobah of Texas A&M Aeronautical Somethingorother.” The registrar looked through her passes and said “I’m sorry, I don’t see a pass for you.”

I turned to Jimmy and said “What the hell!? You said you requested mine the same time as yours! Where’s my pass!” Jimmy looked at me, stunned, with eyes the size of pizzas. I turned to the girl and roared “I’m supposed to be on the list! Where’s my pass!?” Visible shaken, she blurted “I’m so sorry, here’s a guest pass!” and presented me with an All Access VIP pass.

I then spent the rest of the day drinking free everything, getting a Kilo India Lima Lima Echo Romeo sunburn and roundly proving my epic polyignorance on all things aeronautical. And it was polyepic.

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