Quality of Life is . . .

Quality of life is having friends over for dinner.

A ten minute daily commute.

Sunset in the desert.

A chile relleno, or steak tampiqueña, or chicken tacos.

Tacos al pastor and an apple soda.

Good music.

Saying hi to people on the street, and having them saying hi back.

That little hole-in-the-wall restaurant where the servers know you.

Cool sheets in the summer and a thick blanket in the winter.

Homegrown tomatoes.


A cold beer on a hot afternoon.

A tailwind that eases up when you’re ready to go back.

A baby’s smile.

Hiking through a forest of ocotillos in bloom.

A cold shower on a hot day. Or vice versa.

Some people think quality of life is ballparks and waterslides. Obviously they weren’t brought up right.


  1. Spotting the star on the mountain as you fly into our city at night.

    Enjoying breakfast with friends at L & J.

    Walking along the Independence Walk and Bike Trail.

    Enjoying music and a wonderful dinner at Julios.

    Let’s keep it going….

  2. Snow on Mt Franklin

    Cactus and palo verdes in bloom

    Rain on a hot afternoon and the clean smell afterwards

  3. Passing out in the front seat of my Ford Focus and being dragged into my house by a Good Samaritan.

  4. Don’t forget a good ‘ole Pecos Cantaloupe! Quality of life is within means for yourself, not to benefit others! Greed is a quality of life!

  5. All Music Venues…Wed. Pershing Inn, Cool Canyon Night Thurs., Alfresco Fridays n Music Under the Stars Sunday’s…No POS Que Chida Mi Vida En El Chuco! Live Music is the Best Quality of Life! Orale

  6. Matachines
    Frijoles charros
    all at a church festival

  7. You all have it wrong. In my case Quality of Life is paying $7,227.80 yearly in property taxes knowing the following:

    1. Taxes will increase every year while I realize zero benefit from the “increase” in the value of my property. In fact, the “increase” in value is a net negative to me financially
    2. I subsidize the county hospital but cannot get treatment there for a discount. In fact it is the highest cost medical treatment option available for most El Pasoans, despite the tax subsidy
    3. I am paying for a baseball stadium that I cannot go watch games for free or at a discount. In fact, I am paying for a baseball stadium that also competes with downtown bars and restaurants while receiving government subsidies and a legislated monopoly on downtown events
    4. I am paying for out-of-town attorneys to “fight” for the city’s right to build a sports arena to give to Foster/Hunt, and will have to pay for the arena as well. I will not get free tickets or even free parking
    5. I am paying an unsustainable and increasing debt-load that will force the city into bankruptcy within the next twenty years

    I never thought I would have it so good. What we need now is more government and more public funding of private interest projects.

  8. Alone – enjoying a meal in a favorite hole-in the-wall restaurant reading a book.

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