Protesting That Stupid Arena

[Ho ho! I don’t know how to read a calendar! There’s a meeting today, and one NEXT Saturday. Not tomorrow. My bad.]

There are, apparently, two meetings this weekend There’s a meeting Friday (today) to protest the imminent destruction of the Union Plaza neighborhood to make room for that stupid arena.

El Barrio Union Plaza no se vende- Se defiende! is meeting tomorrow from 5 to 8 at 316 W. Overland, according to this Facebook page.

And Radical Soup, Paso del Sur, and Las Familias y Madres de Union Plaza are organizing an event on Saturday, November 12, at 400 W. Overland at 6.

How convenient. A person can pick whichever weekend happy hour better suits him to protest the cold-hearted, soul-sucking, culture-destroying, family-displacing, machinations of big business and local government.

Me, I’ll probably go to both. You know, get out of the house. Stretch my legs.

Could be fun. See you there.

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