Proper Printshop Art en Vivo: Peter Svarzbein

Tonight at Proper Printshop’s Art en Vivo, artist Peter Svarzbein will be dragging the squeegee across the silk to make a print of his own design.

Wait a minute. The District 8 1 Representative is named Peter Svarzbein, too. Do you think . . . ?

What a great opportunity to ask Representative Svarzvbein about your City Council! You could ask him why City Council voted to displace all those poor El Pasoans living in Union Plaza. You could ask him if the proposed arena already has an anchor tenant. You could ask him who it is.

You could ask him how he sleeps at night.

You could ask him to resign.

The mind boggles at the number of questions you could ask Rep. Svarzbein in a closed space, with limited avenues of egress.

Proper Printshop, 800 Montana, at a nominal 6:00. BYOB.


  1. You know he is not the District 8, that is Cortney Niland.
    He also holds monthly meetings and has taught photography for many years, but yeah I guess he’s a just a rep soooo I guess shouldn’t his own career outside of being a city rep for District 1.

    1. Yeah, I knew that, because I live in District 8. Good catch.

      But when you see him at one of his meetings, it’s not neutral ground. Proper’s neutral ground.

  2. Go pester Courtney, wherever she holes up in. It’s her district, afterall. Go and pester each and every other city council member in their “other lives” as well. Don’t just single him out because you see him as an easy target.

    1. Don’t you remember? “Downtown belongs to all El Pasoans.” Except, I guess, for the people that live there.

  3. Rich,
    As Obama might say “Come on man!” Suggesting to hijack this guy’s art event by encouraging your readers to corner him is more than mean, it’s threatening and stinks of the vitriol we just went through nationally. More and more you are sounding like a crotchety old guy who has lost the forest for the trees. Artists should have the freedom to express themselves without retribution from the blogosphere. Like the old joke goes, “I don’t come down to where you work and knock the …. so don’t do it to me.” So, stop being a bully and let this guy have a life outside city hall.

    1. I’m sure Rep. Svarzbein would be happy to explain and justify his position with his constituents. Don’t you think?

  4. This event is not the right venue for protest nor is it the right person to be upset with.

    1. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that people are going to lose their homes because of the actions of City Council. Rep. Svarzbein’s discomfort is nothing compared to that of the people being evicted.

      But I know that you feel for them too, right?

  5. Of course I feel for them. Eminent domain is bullshit. So is harassing someone about their elected position when they are at their day job. That is why you and me are able to go speak at city council meetings. It ain’t “all good” but what you are suggesting is “breaking bad” (and seriously dickish too!)

    1. Actions have consequences. You can’t shit in the pool and then go to the snack bar and act like nothing happened.

    2. And it’s not like Rep. Svarzbein didn’t advocate for the arena. He was for it, till he skipped out on the vote.

  6. City of El Paso, Redco cum PDNG, or whatever grupo etal is who floated the turd, Chris. City council is complicit in their collective eating of the fodder which dispelled said turd. Rich doesn’t mind getting into the toilet and examining the turds. I admire that sickening quality of his.

  7. scarsbean is all in for the trolley. so much for the union plaza residents to at least enjoy a hundred million dollar ride to the kern place walgreens. maybe they dreamed of eating a gyro at Sinbad. maybe take in a utep basketball game. chris, you cannot approach a city council member during their elected job. they would run to executive session. gotta corner them without their posse….

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