1. Yup, that is the script of our building developers, bankers, foundation heads, etc. And yea, the parking garages will probably never fill up because few want to go to those up-and-coming downtowns. Thx, Rich. Amazing how many people fall for it. 🙁

  2. This video is eerily true of our near-sighted city “leaders”–they only see downtown. So many young families on the far east and west sides of town–and of course, northeast. These families won’t and don’t come downtown! Take the parks and cool stuff to them.

  3. The video is almost complete. They just have to add in something about the “ low, low “ tax rate on home owners and businesses!

  4. But we have a trolley and that is what will drive our renewal downtown if it ever runs again and anyone actually rides it since it doesn’t really go anywhere people want to go, like work and school and home.

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