Papal Economics

Besides the million dollars we’re spending on security, do you think the Pope’s visit to Juarez will have an economic impact on El Paso?

The hotel rooms aren’t filling up. There are still plenty of avails on Airbnb. I get the feeling that the Jumbotron mass at the Sun Bowl isn’t meeting expectations.

Maybe with all the school districts closed, the Sonics and Dairy Queens will do better business than usual. Baby sitters and day cares might get more traffic, as well.

But why would somebody come to El Paso for a papal visit to Juarez?

Since it was announced, El Paso has been acting like the unpopular girl whose best friend gets elected prom queen. Hey, hey, we said, look, look, the Pope’s coming to Juarez. He’ll be right over the border.

The posturing is pathetic.


  1. I think you make a very good point. I, too, have been wondering what all the fuss is about. Even if he will be in plain site outside that futbol stadium, it will do us no good, since the City of El Paso is so damn concerned about security that they won’t even let El Pasoans get close to an open area nearby. I think that is the most disgusting aspect of this thing, to me. Beyond that, I just don’t see how the Pope being in a foreign country should have much of anything to do with El Paso.
    Apparently, there are indeed a lot of hotel rooms still available, and the prices are all over the place! So, I am left with yet another question: Is that million bucks being used, in any way, to shut down the Border Highway?

  2. Not even the powers of God can bring in out-of-towners to this hell hole. How telling is that? Maybe the Borderplex cabal should have offered their ball park to hold the video mass. After all, the park is a tourist magnet, right?

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