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Meyer's Group Honesty and Integrity
In an apparent bid to distinguish itself from other developers in town, the Meyers Group, those people who are trying to win approval for their 22-story luxury apartment tower on the west side, ran this ad touting their honesty and integrity in this weekend’s El Paso Inc. Can you read that ad on your smart phone? Here’s the text.


We want to clear the air about an apparent misunderstanding. A few weeks ago, we ran some ads which indicated the Shadow Mountain project will be 100% privately funded. While that remains true as to the cost of developing the property, we want to be clear about our intentions to seek future tax incentives from the State of Texas as well as from The City of El Paso similar to those which the city and the state have given to other projects — projects which have successfully turned vacant lots into valuable assets all over El Paso.

You have to admit that honesty and integrity aren’t words you usually find in a sentence about developers here in El Paso.


  1. Yeah, I admit that those are not words that we hear much around here. But, how “private” is an enterprise that is counting on me – as a tax payer – to help foot the bill by way of future tax incentives, when I already live in a city that is widely known for high tax rates, and low incomes?

  2. At least the Meyer’s Group came clean on using public money. It’s public money indirectly, but public money all the same. I’m pretty sick of the generous incentives the City gives projects. Incentives sound good, but really hurt other businesses that are entirely self funded.

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