Mexico’s Low Cost Airline

Lookie here.

According to their website, a one-way ticket from Ciudad Juarez to Leon, Guanajuato, non-stop, booked more than a month in advance, cost $1106 pesos. About $65 U.S.

I found another website (pictured) where a simliar VivaAerobus flight cost $374 pesos, about $22 U.S., plus tax.

Twenty-two bucks is ridiculous, so I reckon there’s a catch, but $65 is legit.

It costs $25 to take a taxi from my house to the airport, tip not included.

VivaAerobus flies the Airbus A-320. According to the propaganda the airline put in the pocket in front of my seat, the average age of airplanes in their fleet is less than five years.

About the only concessions to economy that I could see was that cokes and snacks cost extra and my seat back didn’t recline. But then again, neither did the back of the seat in front of me. That’s a welcome trade off for a two hour flight.

With the cost of living in Mexico as low as it is, you almost can’t afford to stay home.

Check it out.

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  1. Volaris is also very reasonable, and not only are the aircraft new, but the air crews are younger. And, it can take as long to get home from the Cd. Juarez airport as you trip to places deep in Mexico can take.

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