1. I definitely relate! She has a great approach to life on her own terms.
    Reminds me of my used Chevy Cavalier that got me where I needed to go when I still had a car and a job before the 2008 Crash. Moving to Mexico and Central America for 8 years, after the crash, I learned the joy of very simple living and doing without a car. Public transportation was prolific and well run.
    Since inadequate public transportation is not the case on this side of our Border, and in light of events since Bernie’s campaign that I returned to support…….will be returning to the joy of simple living among the kind, unpretentious people of Oaxaca.
    We need more free spirits like the young girl in the video, saying to be pretentious in America is totally uncool!
    El Chuqueno consistently states it like it needs to be said.
    Thanks Rich!

  2. Correction to previous post; inadequate public transportation IS the case on our side of the Border.

  3. lf the car is so great, why does she need to sell it? “Luxury is a state of mind.” Translation – it’s a piece of crap that won’t make it past the driveway.

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