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art prints at Prosper
In El Paso, we all know someone who prints t-shirts. Your brother. Your cousin. Your girlfriend’s boyfriend. That kid in high school that always skipped art class to smoke pot under the bleachers.

But there aren’t so many screen printers in El Paso that make art prints.

Proper Printshop does. Silk screen art prints.

And every Thursday in 2016, Proper Printshop has been hosting printing parties at their studio, at Montana and Virginia, where Art’s Photographic used to be.

a man and his dog
And it’s BYOB, which stands for Bum a Beer From Someone Who Brought Some.

They invite different artists, many from the outsider art community, every Thursday to make some art, and they let you drag the squeegee across the stencil to make your print and then (hopefully) sell it to you. I guess you could claim you made it, if you wanted to impress your dinner guest while you sip your calvados and smoke your gauloises. Let me know how that works out.

So far they’ve hosted Cimi Alvarado. Juarez muralists Jelly Fish Colectivo. The heavy-weight battle rapper Random Cushing. Mitsu Overstreet. Among others.

theronLast night it was Theron Nicholson. Hey Theron.
Of course, t-shirts are where the money is. And Proper has a selection of wearable art for your fashion needs.

By the end of 2016, Proper will have 52 limited edition art prints designed by practically all the up-and-coming and some more established artists in El Paso.

Check it out.

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