“Live Active EP”

Here’s an opinion piece in the El Paso Times by Ben Fyffe, “native El Pasoan, . . . the director of Cultural Affairs and Recreation for the city of El Paso”.

Over the past 10 years, and catalyzed by voters’ resounding commitment to invest in our community in 2012 with the approval of the Quality of Life bonds, the cty of El Paso has worked diligently to increase park space and facilities for the recreational use of our community by over 25%.

. . .

We encourage everyone across the community to commit to taking care of themselves and join the Live Active El Paso! Program. The program is free, open to everyone across the community, and is designed to provide all El Pasoans access to a variety of opportunities to get more active and take care of all aspects of wellness, so that we all may be healthier and more resilient.

Visit our website: live activeep.com and take the pledge to take care of yourself, improve your overall wellness and take care of those you care about. Get out and visit our parks or trails and commit to taking care of yourself and those you love so we may remain El Paso Strong.

Great, huh? Parks. Trails. Value.

I expect we’ll so more editorials touting the City’s Value Proposition in the coming days.

Except the website those links send you to are for some program in New South Wales, Australia, where the “ep” stands for “exercise physiology”.

Walking to Australia would be good exercise.

Those poor dears. They try so hard.

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  1. They probably figure most of us won’t bother to visit the website…
    You will have to walk…hardly any flights to get there and a really mandatory quarantine if you manage to do so…

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