It’s Sunday, and the Women’s Auxiliary is coming over, and you’re out of gin.

The liquor stores are closed in Texas, and while throwing a cinder block through a window at Spec’s and pulling a smash-and-grab might work, your rotator cuff is aggravated. Besides, the gin is way back past the bourbon and brandy. The po-po might arrive before you get away.

Too bad Mrs. Higgenloop doesn’t drink Mescal. The Mescal is near the front.

But not to worry. You live at the noted intersection of three states and too countries.

The line to pass through U.S. Customs is unpredictable. You might get stuck on the bridge for a couple of hours, and it that happens, the gin might well be finished by the time you talk to an agent.

Fortunately, New Mexico is an option.

The Side Door Liquor Store is adjacent, and connected to, the State Line. Might as well grab a rack while you’re there.

Billy Crew’s is close, too.

You’re lucky to live in El Paso.


  1. Hey, I thought I’d share an update: I like a rather obscure beer, from Rochester, NY (Dundee Honey Brown Lager), and have not been able to find it in El Paso for a long, long time. It seems that local distributors refuse to accept orders for less than a full pallet at a time. I had heard rumors that it was available in New Mexico, but I had no clue where to look there. So, following up on your post the other day, I found The Side Door’s web site and sent them a message of inquiry. Sindi got back to me very quickly and very positively. She said they don’t have it, but she thinks she can get it. She will let me know if/when she has it, and then I can just ‘slide’ on over there. So, thanks, Rich!

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