Idle Speculation

In this story in this week’s El Paso Inc., (the one about River Oaks putting its downtown properties up for auction) there’s this nugget:

One property is not included in the auction. [River Oaks president Adam] Frank said the company has plans for the corner of East San Antonio and South El Paso Street, where a historic building owned by River Oaks burned down three years ago. Built in the mid-1880s, the building once served as the law offices of famed Old West gunslinger John Wesley Hardin.

That corner is across the street from the historic Camino Real Hotel and near the historic Plaza Theatre and the restored Anson Mills Building. Now a vacant lot, the company has not disclosed its plans to redevelop the corner, but they are working on a deal, Frank confirmed.

Do you suppose Jim Scherr, who was rebuffed by City Council when he asked for tax incentives to build a hotel next to the DoubleTree, found a new location?

The site is close enough to the Convention Center to qualify for those new tax rebates.

Time will tell.

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