How Quickly They Forget.

El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen got himself in trouble with some of our elected officials this weekend when he called Black Lives Matter a “radical hate group.” From the Times:

U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, County Judge Veronica Escobar and other El Paso area leaders are urging the mayor and the City Council to repudiate Police Chief Greg Allen’s comments calling Black Lives Matter “a radical hate group” and saying the attack on Dallas police “is due to their efforts.”

Which makes me wonder: To whom does the Chief of Police answer?

Remember when he ordered the imposition of martial law over parts of El Paso because the Pope was visiting Juarez? When City Council questioned the advisability of that draconian measure, he got all primma dona.

A defensive El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen told City Council on Monday that he was not going to change the safety plan his department had established about two weeks ago that calls for South El Paso to be closed to vehicles and pedestrians on Feb. 17.

If council wanted to stray from the plan, it would be “at your own risk,” Allen said.

He also said he felt the city was questioning his judgment by placing the item on Monday’s special meeting agenda.

. . .

“If I failed you, you should have let me know,” he said.

Well, maybe now it’s time to question his judgement.

In a novel departure, the El Paso Times also asked a school board member her opinion.

[Susie] Byrd, a former City Council member, said, “The Police Department has traditionally reached out to the community, participated with the community and made it clear that if police officers act outside of policies, outside of the law and outside of the values of this community, that they would be held accountable.”

Oh, that’s right. She used to be on City Council.

Perhaps Ms. Byrd forgot about Danny Saenz, the handcuffed prisoner who was shot in the sallyport of the County Jail by El Paso Police Officer Jose Flores. Officer Flores got fired. If getting fired is the accountability for executing a handcuffed prisoner, Chief Allen will probably get a raise for his intemperate remarks.


  1. I see that you appear to be that one voice crying out in the throng, trying to apply reason. I support your stance, and I think you hit the nail on the head yet again. I am very upset by the hate that I see coming from this police chief’s supporters towards anyone who dares to disagree with him. I think he had no business addressing this issue, and all he has accomplished is to fan the flames of hate and fear. I flat cannot fathom why the useless Mayor should say that local officials, who sent that open letter, should have bothered to speak to the chief before their letter. It is not as if he reached out to speak to anyone before he said what he said, is it? Please keep on keeping on, elrichi.

    1. Well, for starters, BLM protestors have openly called for killing policemen. Maybe officially BLM doesn’t stand for killing but they also have not officially denounced it. And yes, Chief Allen has every right to address the issue because he is 1) a police chief, 2) a Black man. He and his police force suffer the consequences of groups that encourage hate and killing of police. Police are not perfect individuals so go ahead an attack them for their weaknesses, but if your life were in danger I bet your first call would be to 911. All lives matter Mr. Dungan and el richi. Allen also prefaced his remarks with “in my opinion.” And you have expressed your opinion by calling some people (coincidentally those who disagree with you) haters.

  2. Mike goes to burger stand, Mike wants fries, cashier charges Mike for a burger and fries, Mike said, I didn’t order that, cashier says well you never said you didn’t want it! Should Mike have to pay for a burger he didn’t order? NO!
    Well should BLM be labeled for a crime they have not committed, just because they didn’t say they wouldn’t. NO!
    These are peaceful, fed up protestors, as they have the right to be!
    Because of our family and various other team members from the 1966 Texas Western Team, El Paso is known, let it not have been the case and we did not win the #1966NCAAChampionship, this would be just another city on the road to California!!
    #BLM DOES MATTER IN EL PASO, after all we were just the Grand Marshall for the Cities Thanksgiving Parade! This is insane, you want all of the perks of having Black champions, but want to express you don’t care about us and our lives are dispensable!

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