El Paso: No. 1 Again!

El Paso is getting national recognition again, this time in a Bloomberg survey of the Top Twenty Cities Americans are Ditching.

El Paso, Texas, the city that residents fled from at the fastest pace, also saw a surprisingly small number of foreigners settling in given how close it is to Mexico.

“A lot of young, reasonably educated people are having a hard time finding work there,” Stoll said. “They’re not staying in town after they graduate,” leaving for the faster-growing economies of neighboring metro areas like Dallas and Austin, he said.

Don’t they know we’ve got Triple A baseball? Don’t they know It’s All Good? Couldn’t they hold off till the swimming pool’s finished?

I know that correlation is not causality, but this exodus coincides a little too neatly with the highhanded, and ham-handed, attempts to improve the quality of life here in the Mexoplex.

Maybe we should change our slogan to Some of It’s Not Too Bad.

I think it’s time we retooled our grand experiment with economic development. Would it be too much to expect some results? Just a little?

It’s almost as if the people in charge of economic development were trying to stop it. But that’s just crazy talk. In their defense, they’re probably just incompetent.


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