Did You Know That I Am An Award-Winning Chef?

Yup. Lookie here:

I won that at the second occasional casserole contest over there in Steglich’s backyard. My winning dish was a Frito Pie/taco salad hybrid.

Tomorrow I’m bringing my award-winning chefiness to Hope and Anchor for their chili/chile contest. I am entered in both the vegetarian and omnivore categories.

Do you know the secret to making great vegetarian chili?

Bacon. Lots of bacon.

Neither of my concoctions for tomorrow’s contest taste a lot like the standard Texas Red, but they’re okay. There will also be lots of other chefs there vying for the championship, so you can probably find something you like.

The shindig starts at 4. Wear something nice. But not too nice. And let’s have a beer.

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  1. l’m trying to figure out what’s more confusing: “second (sometimes) annual….” lf this is only the second festival, then it started exactly a year ago or it didn’t. lf they’re not sure they want to run this festival at exactly the same day then they should just call it the second festival. Bacon in vegetarian chili? l’m throwing out a few little jabs just for giggles, but in all seriousness, congratulations. About a hundred years ago, l tried to embrace my inner “chefiness” when l made something that came out great but took too much work to make it. That’s a nice way of saying that l’m too damn lazy.

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