Did We Take Our City Back?

You heard that yesterday City Council voted 4-2 to build the downtown arena anywhere but the Duranguito/Union Plaza neighborhood.

There was push back from some downtown real estate speculators and, curiously, city staff. I always thought that city staff was supposed to be non-political, like the army.

District 3 Representative Emma Acosta and District 6 Representative Claudia Ordaz voted to stay the course, i.e., kick the abuelitas out of their homes so rich people could watch concerts from luxury suites. You have to wonder who’s pulling their strings.

District 8 Representative Cortney Niland teared up when Ms. Romelia Mendoza talked about being evicted from the house she’s lived in for forty years. To tell the truth, I got a little weepy myself. But I guess some people’s hearts are as cold and black as obsidian.

Merry Christmas.

I’d score this one as a win for the citizens. Our city leaders (the un-elected ones) let mission creep lead us to this class war some years ago. They should realize that marginalizing the poor isn’t good for their development plans. They should realize that having the highest property tax rates in the country (we’re not there yet, but we’re gaining on it) is bad for business. They should realize that the world doesn’t end at the country club gates.

El Paso should embrace who it is, instead of some phony aspirational self-concept.

So are we turning over a new leaf, or is this just a shimmy fake, and we’ll be back to normal after New Year’s?

Time will tell. Be vigilant.

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