Champions League Tomorrow

Greetings, sports fans.

Tomorrow is the fifth week of the first playoff round of the Champions League of the Union of European Football Associations. What does that mean?

Two things: Great Futbol and day drinking.

Tomorrow CSKA Moscow plays Bayer at 10 o’clock Mexican Pacific Time. I’ll try to watch that someplace that serves vodka by the shot, and pickles and sardines, with a glass of tomato juice. Then, there are five games at 12:45. Sevilla versus Juventus might be the best of those, but I’ll watch whichever game is on the teevee wherever I’m at, or maybe I’ll go home and take a nap.

Bars in Juarez don’t open till 11, so if you want to catch Moscow versus Bayer, you’ll go to a bar of discerning tastes on this side of the border.

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