1. I want to be a train conductor in my next life! Loved this video and recognized much of the terrain from my 40+ years of driving back and forth to Albuquerque–even took the train a few times when it ran between the cities.

    1. Have you taken the Amtrak to Alpine? You ran ride out one day and back the next. The Holland, a Trost hotel, is right across the street from the train station.

  2. Beautifully done. Must have took a full pack of cajones to jump that hopper car, too. I turn 75 next week (never thought I’d live this long) and can recall steam engines in regular service, not in museums, when I was a boy. Also, riding in a Pullman car with my mother and the black porter in a white linen coat coming in to make up the compartment sleeper beds for us. Another era in time. Your piece brings up these memories and a reminder of how beautiful this part of the country still is. Thank you.

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