Al Jazeera: Mexican Official Says CIA Manages Drug Trade

According to this report from Al Jazeera, U.S. government agencies, including the CIA, “don’t fight drug traffickers,” instead “they try to manage the drug trade.”

“It’s like pest control companies, they only control,” Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva, the Chihuahua spokesman, told Al Jazeera last month at his office in Juarez. “If you finish off the pests, you are out of a job. If they finish the drug business, they finish their jobs.”

I’m not sure if former Juarez Mayor Hector “Teto” Murguia was confirming or refuting the report here:

“I think the CIA and DEA [US Drug Enforcement Agency] are on the same side as us in fighting drug gangs,” Hector Murguia, the mayor of Juarez, told Al Jazeera during an interview inside his SUV. “We have excellent collaboration with the US.”

Murguia’s former chief of police, Saulo Reyes Gamboa, is serving an eight year sentence for attempting to bribe a man he believed to be a bridge inspector to allow a load of pot into the U.S. Murguia has long denied connections to the criminal underworld. He’s denied it for a really long time.

(Read more at Al Jazeera.)

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