Abraham Considers Camino Hotel

Did you read that the prime contractor at the Camino Real Hotel project has left the job?

Here’s the story from the El Paso Inc.:

While the pace of work at the site appeared to have dropped off weeks ago, the prime contractor, InterServ of Los Angeles, either walked off the job or was officially fired this past week.

InterServ, founded in 1986, has led the construction and renovation of hotels across the country, including Park Central Hotel and W Hotel in New York City as well as Ritz-Carlton Laguna, Fairmont Dallas and Disneyworld resorts.

No one from the Meyers Group or InterServ could be reached for comment. But a statement released on the Meyers Group’s behalf Friday by El Paso’s Barracuda Public Relations offered assurances that the project isn’t in jeopardy.

Well, the word on the street is that the Meyers Group is selling the hotel to Billy Abraham.

“It’s all contingent on the City providing funding,” Mr. Abraham said this week. “If I can get grants for twice the value of the hotel, I’ll be happy to add it to my portfolio.”

City officials confirmed that City Staff is considering Mr. Abraham’s offer.


  1. Even tough this is a joke, isn’t it sad that such a thing becomes a joke in El Paso? Where did we lose our way?

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