About That NE Water Park

What’s it for? To make El Paso more attractive to the Army big brass? Or for El Pasoans. I don’t remember El Pasoans clamoring for a water park. The people that might clamor for a water park could always go to Wet and Wild and save the taxpayers millions of dollars. The City should hire Ubers to take them to Anthony. We’d save money that way.

I think it got started with the question of Cohen Stadium, and got compounded by the idea of spending someone else’s money. Your money. Like, “What do you want for Christmas?”

Along the lines of this video from the El Paso Times, where Mayor Margo says (I kid you not) “We’re putting our money where our mouth is.”

Their money? Ha! The City is spending money like drunken sailors on shore leave. Like drunken sailors on shore leave who stole their mommy’s credit card.

The difference between the City’s debt and someone’s personal credit card debt is that people die, and then their estate can settle for pennies on the dollar, unless there are obligations, like IRS debt, that supercede the CapitalOne payments. Then the credit card companies get jack, and jacked. All this City debt will live forever, or till the City declares bankruptcy, and settles with the people that bought the bonds.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the elected officials driving the City to take on all this debt are living their personal lives the same way, running up a slew of credit card debt, and riding their cash flow to make the monthly payments.

That’s no way to run a city.

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