A Streetcar Named Desire at G2

A hundred years ago there used to be an annual event called Movie on the Mountain. Some lunatics would haul a generator and a 16mm projector up the mountain behind Crazy Cat, and they’d shine some classic movie against a signal reflector on the mountain, and later on a sheet strung up between two power poles. I remember the original King Kong, but there were others.

They made them stop, eventually. The Electric Company, I think.

Maybe the Plaza Classic Film Festival developed from that. Maybe Movie on the Mountain only informed it.

But here’s the next iteration of Movie on the Mountain. A Streetcar Named Desire in the parking lot of G2.

With Billy Townes.

And $3 Stellas.

Parking in the Glory Road Parking Lot is supposed to be free the first hour, and only $1 an hour after that.

Check it out.

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  1. Wasn’t the main lunatic behind Movie On The Mountain the one and only George Cisneros, the DJ of J.L. Charlies and the Mesa Inn’s Stage Door Lounge (which had the best house band in El Paso history – Political Junkie)?

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