A Motive for the City Manager’s Raise?

Could the power brokers behind El Paso’s city government have arranged for the City Manager’s $61,000 a year raise?

According to this July 30th story from KVIA:

City Manager Tommy Gonzalez believes it would be too expensive to complete all of the quality of life bond projects in under a decade.

. . .

The city initially wanted to finish construction in under 10 years, but Gonzalez said it would put too much pressure on taxpayers.

. . .

Gonzalez said the city has to be realistic about the time it will take to finish the projects. “Looks more like a 15 to 16 year schedule,” he said.

According to Gonzalez, property taxes would increase “too much and too fast” if the city tries to finish the projects in 10 years.

Will a $61,000 a year raise make Mr. Gonzalez change his mind? Stay tuned.

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  1. I fail to see your logic. How could more money in his pocket change reality? I say reality, because it is patently obvious by now that few of the QoL projects will ever come to pass simply because too much time has already passed since they were approved without any action. Therefore, already the costs have gone up too much to allow for those remaining to be affordable under the original ideas. Meanwhile, our streets continue to deteriorate, and still no work done on them.

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